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1. Problem Statement
Every document in a document library will have its own metadata properties. End users or SharePoint admins cannot update read-only fields for a particular document thru OOB. If end users contact SharePoint admins, they need to write script for performing this. This script should be generic enough to handle any document in any document library. This tool satisfies all these and also comes with graceful implementation for prompting user to add a column if a particular field doesn’t exist.
SharePoint admins use this to update metadata as per below scenarios.

1. When users want to update the metadata for a document in a document library, for which they don’t have access or if they wanted to update some read-only fields.
2. When an admin runs the script to update metadata, it updates the item with “System Account” and users can see that in the updated by field. If users want to see their name as update by, this tool can be used to do this.
3. If a SharePoint admin gives a field that doesn’t exist, it gracefully prompts the user to create a column for all unavailable fields and updates those values post to that.

3. How to Use

  • Open the command prompt
  • Change the directory to the path where GracefulMetadataUpdate.exe is available.
    • This command should run with farm admin credentials.
    • Since this tool uses SharePoint object model, run this tool any one of the SharePoint farm servers.
  • Run the command as per below syntax.

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